Our Mission of shared ideas

The ABC’s of S.L.A.M.Co

We wish to bridge the gap between Art, Business & Community
Our priority is to support, promote and partner with Artist and small Businesses in local NY and NJ Communities. 
We intend to supply small businesses with original creative designs inspired by local artist printed on youthful urban apparel and supplies for all.
Our goal is to facilitate the merging of all ideals and dreams on a local level to offer inspiration, motivation and solidarity; especially for our Artist and Entrepeneurs who need to remain focused on what they do best.

How We support Local Artists & Small Businesses

If you are an Artist, submit your work, upon approval SLAMCO will sell it, print it, ship it and send you a check for 50% of the proceeds. If you have a small business or fundraiser direct your clients to buy your shirts on our site and you will receive $10 from each sale. We will also provide a 30% discount for all SLAMCo print services. 

When any customer chooses SLAMCo you choose to make a difference together as part of a community.